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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

Amandine Guérin and Lauriane Sollelis, PhD students of ParaFrap, were awarded the best poster prize for their work presented at the "2015 (26th) Annual Molecular Parasitology Meeting" (Woods Hole, USA). Two out of the six laureates, among 150 posters, are from our LabEx. Congratulations !!

Find out more about these posters, visit the MPM2015 conference website (see "2015 abstract book").

Dr Mohamed Ali-Hakimi, a LabEx ParaFrap partner, is the laureate for the National Junior Awards of the 2015 Sanofi - Institut Pasteur Awards.

He is distinguished for his research on the functioning of the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis. An Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday, November 4th of 2015 at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

For more information, click here.


The Proteomics and modified peptide platform was inaugurated on April 17th 2014.

It's a new tool for the LabEx ParaFrap community, Pasteur Institute of Lille and to national and international academic and private laboratories. With this platform, parasitologists of the LabEx ParaFrap community can improve proteome studies and understand the complex relationships between proteins in parasites and those of the infected patients .

Program of inauguration : Programme de l'Inauguration du 17 avril 2014

News broadcast - Grand Lille TV : Edition du matin 18/04/2014 - Grand Lille TV

Press article - 20 minutes : 20 minutes du 29/04/16 - Lille/Nord 

Press release from Pasteur Institute Lille : Communiqué de Presse Plateforme P3M Institut Pasteur de Lille 17 AVRIL 2014

Press article - Gazette du Laboratoire May 2014 : Gazette du laboratoire 198

For more information,  click here : Technology platforms on Institut Pasteur Lille website


Edition du Matin - 18/04/2014 - Grand Lille TV (start at 3:38)

Stéphanie Blandin, ParaFrap Member, "Chargée de recherche" at Inserm Unit 963 (Immune Response and Insect Development - Postgenomic Analysis of Anopheles Antigens) in the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biologyof Strasbourg was awarded the Young Investigator's Sanofi-Institut Pasteur Prize for outstanding research on mosquito resistance to malaria.

Her research focuses on malaria, an infectious disease that causes nearly one million deaths each year in the world. Means of control exist: antimalarial drugs and control of the mosquitoes vectors of the parasite Plasmodium. But for several years, parasites are increasingly resistant to drugs, and mosquitoes develop resistance to insecticides. Stéphanie Blandin is working on the immune response of the mosquito Anopheles to these parasites. S. Blandin seeks to understand the genetic factors responsible for the resistance of mosquitoes to parasite infection, to develop new strategies that will limit transmission to humans in endemic areas.

This award was presented to her on November 13, 2012 in Paris. Click here