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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

ParaFrap has created an international doctoral and post-doctoral training program, in which the supervision of each project is provided by two laboratories.

The objective of this program is to train future leaders in the field of Parasitology and to create strong and long-lasting collaborative links between the laboratories of the consortium.

Since 2012, 30 doctoral students and 17 postdoctoral fellows have been integrated into the ParaFrap network:
- 10 doctoral students in the first wave (2013-2016) of the doctoral program, 11 in the second wave (2016-2019) and 16 in the third wave (2021-2024)
7 doctoral students in the framework of the Southern doctoral program
- 9 postdocs in the first wave of the post doctoral program and 8 in the second wave

This program is an opportunity for both recruited young scientists and French parasitology teams. Among the advantages offered by ParaFrap as part of this program, each member participates in a yearly training workshop organized by the LabEx, attends the international conference organized by ParaFrap every 2 years an the monthly ParaFrap Webinars.

ParaFrap School