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Call for new Membership to ParaFrap

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The call is now closed.


This call aims to unite the best forces of French Parasitology into ParaFrap. Candidates already members of another LabEx are eligible for membership. It is anticipated that 8 new members will be admitted. The 5-year prolongation of the LabEx ParaFrap has been accepted in February 2019. Applications are accepted now ;  deadline : March, 08, 2019 - 11h00 (Paris). All applications will be evaluated by our external Scientific Advisory Board and applicants will be ranked so as to choose the top-level candidates.


ParaFrap is coordinated at the University of Bordeaux and currently engages 17 teams from 14 French Universities and Institutions. It carries out research on parasitic pathogens and their interactions with both mammalian hosts and mosquito vectors. This consortium started in 2012 and is funded until end of 2019. An application of a second round of funding as LabEx for 5 additional years was submitted in September 2018, again coordinated by the ANR, and this prolongation was confirmed by the French Ministry of Research in February 2019.

The main objectives of the Network can be divided into three priority areas:

  • Collaborative infectious disease discovery research
  • Translational strategies for prevention and treatment of parasitic infections
  • Spreading of Excellence via dedicated training programs

Besides its excellent collaborative research programme, ParaFrap organises international conferences and provides high-quality training through the implementation of its PhD programme and workshops. The overall objectives of ParaFrap are to reinforce French scientific and technological excellence in Parasitology research through a long-lasting cooperation of research capacities existing in France.

Areas of research interest for applicants

The research lines of applicants must be focused on studies about parasites with an international recognition in the following research areas:

  • Post-genomic data exploration
  • Mechanisms of pathogenesis
  • Parasite molecular and cellular biology
  • Towards new intervention strategies against parasitic pathogens

For further details with respect to the research clusters, please consult the ParaFrap website.


Attention : application only in English

Criteria of evaluation :

• Scientific excellence
• Integration into consortium activities (adequacy of the activity of the applicant to the ParaFrap programme and quality of the interactions foreseen with ParaFrap partners)
• Independent group leader status (as seen from the organization chart of the research unit)

PIs heading a recognized research team in France (HCERES label, ERC or ATIP-Avenir) are eligible to apply by downloading the application form below and submit a letter of interest (maximum length 4 pages of the entire document, size A4 & minimum font size equivalent to 11pt Arial) containing the following:

• A short CV with top 10 publications of the last 5 years (max 2 pages)
• A short description of added value for ParaFrap (max 1 page).
• An outline of the research collaboration with the network, indicating preferred area of research interest and potential partners for a shared PhD student (max 1 page).

The forms and letters of interest should be submitted on in one PDF file, up to 10MB.


March 08, 2019 - 11h00 (Paris) : Deadline for applications. The exact deadline will be announced on the ParaFrap website, as soon as the prolongation of the LabEx ParaFrap has been confirmed (early 2019).
- Evaluation and ranking of applications by external Scientific Advisory Board
- ParaFrap Executive Committee recommendations
June 2019 : Announcement of decisions and initiation of integration process of new members 


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Project Manager: Yoann MILLERIOUX

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