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ERC awards

The idea for establishing the European Research Council (ERC) came out of widespread discussions between European scientists, scholars and research umbrella organisations at a time when no clear European mechanism to support basic research on a broad front existed. For this reason, Europe had to establish the necessary institutional structures for achieving it. It's mission is to encourage the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and to support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields, on the basis of scientific excellence. The ERC complements other funding activities in Europe such as : the national research funding agencies, and is a flagship component of Horizon 2020, the European Union's Research Framework Programme for 2014 to 2020.

  • Dr Maryse Lebrun (UMR 5235-CNRS, Université Montpellier) : ERC Advanced Grant 2019
  • Dr Hakimi Mohammed Ali (IAB U1209-INSERM-CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes) : ERC Consolidator Grant 2013
  • Dr Artur Scherf (Institut Pasteur Paris, INSERM U 1201, CNRS ERL9195) : ERC Advanced Grant 2009
  • Dr Stéphanie Blandin (UPR 9022-CNRS, U963-INSERM, Université de Strasbourg) : ERC Starting Grant" 2010

Other awards :