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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

Plasmodium falciparum and Toxoplasma are mandatory intracellular parasites, which represent a major threat to global health. They infect hundreds of millions people every year, leading to high mortality, especially among children. An international team coordinated by Mohamed-Ali Hakimi, a ParaFrap member at the Institute for the Advancement of Biosciences, and including researchers from EMBL-Grenoble and ANACOR pharmaceutical, has discovered a new molecule, AN3661, which stops the proliferation of parasites. The molecule allows a complete cure of mice infected with Toxoplasma. This study was published on February, 1, 2017 in EMBO Molecular Medicine journal. This work has been the subject of numerous press releases, which you can find HERE (French).

Référence :

Targeting Toxoplasma gondii CPSF3 as a new approach to control toxoplasmosis. Palencia, A., A. Bougdour, M. P. Brenier-Pinchart, B. Touquet, R. L. Bertini, C. Sensi, G. Gay, J. Vollaire, V. Josserand, E. Easom, Y. R. Freund, H. Pelloux, P. J. Rosenthal, S. Cusack and M. A. Hakimi (2017).  EMBO Mol Med [9.5]. Link