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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

Katharina Ehrhardt, Postdoc of the first ParaFrap promotion (2014-2017), received the 2017 Special Jury Prize of the Franco-German University (UFA). This prize rewards the best research work carried out within the framework of a joint doctoral thesis and / or a Franco-German doctoral college supported by the UFA.

Dr. Katharina Ehrhardt was rewarded for her thesis "Redox-active 3-benzyl-menadiones as new antimalarial agents : studies on structure-activity relationships, antiparasitic potency and mechanism of action" carried out between the University of Strasbourg and the Ruprecht-Karls -Universität Heidelberg, under the direction of Dr. Elisabeth Davioud-Charvet, ParaFrap partner. Congratulations!

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Dr Elisabeth Davioud-Charvet, supervisor of Ms. Ehrhardt,
Dr Katharina Ehrhardt & Ms Patricia Oster-Stierle, President of the UFA

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