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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care


The Proteomics and modified peptide platform was inaugurated on April 17th 2014.

It's a new tool for the LabEx ParaFrap community, Pasteur Institute of Lille and to national and international academic and private laboratories. With this platform, parasitologists of the LabEx ParaFrap community can improve proteome studies and understand the complex relationships between proteins in parasites and those of the infected patients .

Program of inauguration : Programme de l'Inauguration du 17 avril 2014

News broadcast - Grand Lille TV : Edition du matin 18/04/2014 - Grand Lille TV

Press article - 20 minutes : 20 minutes du 29/04/16 - Lille/Nord 

Press release from Pasteur Institute Lille : Communiqué de Presse Plateforme P3M Institut Pasteur de Lille 17 AVRIL 2014

Press article - Gazette du Laboratoire May 2014 : Gazette du laboratoire 198

For more information,  click here : Technology platforms on Institut Pasteur Lille website


Edition du Matin - 18/04/2014 - Grand Lille TV (start at 3:38)