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Alliance Française contre les Maladies Parasitaires

AVT Anonyme 7683

Project Title : "Detailed analysis and study of the biogenesis of the trypanosome FPC cytoskeleton"

Project PI : Mélanie BONHIVERS (Derrick ROBINSON's group) Co-PI : Patrick BASTIEN

Thesis Defense : 03/12/2019 thesesfr

Lab : Cytoskeleton biogenesis of Trypanosomes, UMR5234 CNRS, University of Bordeaux


    • MSc : M1 in Host-parasite interactions ⎪ M2 in Molecular Biology ⎪University of Montpellier, France

    • BD in Microbiology ⎪ University of Montpellier, France


Since 2021 : Engineer INSERM | Planar polarity and plasticity Team, Neurocentre Magendie, Bordeaux, France


Isch, C., Majneri, P., Landrein, N., Pivovarova, Y., Lesigang, J., Lauruol, F., Robinson, D.R., Dong, G., Bonhivers, M., (2021). Structural and functional studies of the first tripartite protein complex at the Trypanosoma brucei flagellar pocket collar. bioRxiv [preprint] 2021.01.26.428227. doi: 10.1101/2021.01.26.428227