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Alliance Française contre les Maladies Parasitaires



Project Title : "Analysis of the specific T cell- and parasite-dependent mechanisms leading to development of experimental cerebral malaria"

Project PI : Nicolas Blanchard  Co-PI : Olivier Silvie

Thesis defense : 27/04/2017 thesesfr

Lab : Eukaryotic intracellular parasites : immunity and pathophysiology, CPTP, Toulouse

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  • Master's degree in cellular biology & immunology in parasitology &mycology, University Paris VI (UPMC) - France (2012-2013)
  • Master's degree in health & biology, Université of Lille I - France (2010-2012)
  • Bachelor's degree in health & biology, Université of Lille I - France (2007-2010)


Postdoctoral researcher in Pr Ferrandon’s lab, Sino-French Hoffmann Research Institute, Guangzhou - China 


Draheim, M., M. F. Wlodarczyk, K. Crozat, J. M. Saliou, T. D. Alayi, S. Tomavo, A. Hassan, A. Salvioni, C. Demarta‐Gatsi, J. Sidney, A. Sette, M. Dalod, A. Berry, O. Silvie and N. Blanchard (2017). "Profiling MHC II immunopeptidome of blood‐stage malaria reveals that cDC1 control the functionality of parasite‐specific CD4 T cells." EMBO Mol Med [9.2]: e201708123. [PDF]