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Alliance Française contre les Maladies Parasitaires


Project Title : "Synthesis of chemical tools for tracking lead antiparasitic drugs and their metabolites generated in targeted parasites by nanoSIMS- and fluorescence confocal- imaging & metabolomics"

Project PI : Elisabeth Davioud-Charvet Co-PI : Stéphanie Blandin

Thesis defense : 11/07/2017 thesesfr

Lab : Laboratoire de Chimie Bioorganique et Médicinale, Strasbourg  

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Postdoctoral researcher in Guangzhou, China


Feng, L., D. A. Lanfranchi, L. Cotos, E. Cesar-Rodo, K. Ehrhardt, A.-A. Goetz, H. Zimmermann, F. Fenaille, S. A. Blandin and E. Davioud-Charvet (2018). "Synthesis of plasmodione metabolites and 13C-enriched plasmodione as chemical tools for drug metabolism investigation." Org Biomol Chem [3.6] 16(15): 2647-2665. [Link]

Rodo, E. C., L. Feng, M. Jida, K. Ehrhardt, M. Bielitza, J. Boilevin, M. Lanzer, D. L. Williams, D. A. Lanfranchi and E. Davioud-Charvet (2016). "A Platform of Regioselective Methodologies to Access Polysubstituted 2-Methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone Derivatives: Scope and Limitations." European Journal of Organic Chemistry [3.1] 2016(11): 1982-1993 . [Link]