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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care


Project : "Theileria-encoded JNK-binding proteins and leukocyte transformation"

Project PI : Gordon Langsley  Co-PI : Mohamed-Ali Hakimi

Lab : UMR 8104-CNRS, U 1016-INSERM, Université Paris Descartes

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  • Postdoctoral researcher, Institut de pharmacologie moléculaire et cellulaire, Sophia Antipolis - France (2010-2013) 
  • PhD Fellow, Université Paris-Sud XI - France (2005-2010)


Postdoctoral researcher at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)


Latre de Late, P., M. Pineda, M. Harnett, W. Harnett, S. Besteiro and G. Langsley (2017). "Apicomplexan autophagy and modulation of autophagy in parasite-infected host cells." Biomed J [no IF] 40(1): 23-30. [Link]

Harnett, M. M., M. A. Pineda, P. Latre de Late, R. J. Eason, S. Besteiro, W. Harnett and G. Langsley (2017). "From Christian de Duve to Yoshinori Ohsumi: More to autophagy than just dining at home." Biomed J [no IF] 40(1): 9-22. [Link]

Haidar, M., P. Latre de Late, E. J. Kennedy and G. Langsley (2017). "Cell penetrating peptides to dissect host-pathogen protein-protein interactions in Theileria-transformed leukocytes." Bioorg Med Chem [3.0]. [Link]