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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

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Happy New Year 2022


  LabEx ParaFrap wishes you a happy, healthy and successful year 2022. We already have 2 exciting news to start this year: - ParaFrap webinars will continue in 2022, will be open to all and you will soon be able to register to attend them (beginning of February) - The Embo Workshop "New frontiers in host-parasite in... Read more

PostDoc l Plasmodium & Trypanosoma l USA


  Projects Title: 2 postdocs opportunities : "Human immune responses to infection by and vaccination against Malaria" and "Mechanisms of RNA Editing in Trypanosomes" Projects leader:Pr. Ken Stuart | University of Washington School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Pediatri... Read more

PostDoc l Trypanosoma l France


  Project Title: Role of glycerol in the biology of trypanosomes. Project leader:Dr Frédéric Bringaud of the laboratory "Microbiologie Fondamentale et Pathogénicité" (MFP, UMR5234 Bordeaux University/CNRS) Bordeaux, france Qualification and experience:  A highly motivated candidate with possi... Read more

PostDoc l Leishamania l France


  Project Title: EvoLeish: Mapping mechanisms of evolutionary adaptation underlying fitness gain in New World L. infantum strains’. Project leader:Dr Gerald Späth, Research Director, Institut Pasteur Paris (France) | Head, Molecular Parasitology and Signaling Unit Director, Department of Parasites ... Read more

Réunion des partenaires ParaFrap 2021


  From 27 to 29 September 2021, the LabEx ParaFrap organised a PI meeting on Les Embiez Island (Var, France). The aim of this meeting was to promote exchanges and discussions between partners.   It was also an opportunity to celebrate the retirement of Patrick Bastien, who was previously the coo... Read more

New finding in Robinson's ParaFrap Team


  [Communiqué] From the Robinson and Dong labs. The fellowship of the Ring has a new member: BILBO2 is a BILBO1 partner and is involved in a tripartite interaction at the Flagellar Pocket Collar in Trypanosoma brucei. Congratulation to all the authors and huge thanks for the ParaFrap financial support. This s... Read more

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ParaFrap, the French Alliance for Parasitology and Health Care, is a LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence) created by the French Ministry of Research in 2012 and regrouping currently 17 leading Parasitology groups in France
Plasmodium, Toxoplasma, Trypanosoma, Leishmania, Entamoeba, Theileria

  • New scientific opportunities are provided by the recently available genome information for most major parasites and their hosts
  • Combining the state-of-the-art of fundamental research and translational applications we expect to defeat major parasitic diseases such as malaria, toxoplasmosis, leishmaniasis, African trypanosomiasis, amoebiasis and theileriosis
  • herapeutic involvements (diagnostics, drugs and vaccines)
  • ParaFrap will contribute to the future through a national student training
    PhD program termed "ParaFrap Training"


Research activities

Mechanisms of pathogenesis

Parasite molecular and cellular biology

Post genomic data exploration

Towards new interventions strategies against parasitic pathogens

Institutional support

Financial support