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PhD offer (3 years) in LPHI Lab (Laboratory of Pathogen Host Interactions) - Université Montpellier - CNRS

Project leader:

This position is open in the group of Pr. Rachel Cerdan at the LPHI The group has a long experience in malaria research and has acquired a recognized know-how in the development of antimalarial drugs by bringing a compound to clinical phases. The thesis is financed by an ANR project.


Molecular mechanism of action of a purine analogue, a new antimalarial compound. More details in the attached pdf.

Activities and experience:

Applicants should hold a Master degree (or equivalent) in Biochemistry/Structural Biology/Molecular Biology and have strong interest in drug development and malaria research. 


This 3-year PhD position will start in Sept./Oct. 2022.

To apply, please send a CV and names and email addresses of two references to: Pr. Rachel Cerdan (contact in the attached PDF file)