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External Recruitment Competition (permanent position) - Assistant Engineer in biology, life and earth sciences

Study of the cytoskeleton in Trypanosoma brucei and Toxoplasma gondii parasites using molecular and cell biology and imaging approaches.

Team " Protist Parasite Cytoskeleton " (Dr Mélanie Bonhivers & Dr Derrick Robinson) of the Department of Fundamental Microbiology and Pathogenicity, UMR 5234, CNRS-Université de Bordeaux

Skills and experience:

  • General knowledge of cellular and molecular biology
  • General knowledge of specific equipment: fluorescence microscopy, electrophoresis (DNA, proteins)
  • Knowledge of hygiene and safety rules related to the handling of products and work in the L2 containment culture room
  • Good knowledge of the English language (written, spoken)
  • Knowledge of cell culture techniques (bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells), parasite culture is a plus
  • Ability to work in a research module and in L2.
  • Know how to use molecular biology techniques (cloning) and cell biology (immunostaining, transfection)
  • Know how to use fluorescence microscopy techniques
  • Know how to adapt technical protocols in consultation with project managers
  • Know how to write technical procedures
  • Know how to ensure the traceability of the processed data and the reproducibility of the analyses performed
  • Know how to present the results in writing and orally in a clear and succinct manner.
  • Know how to keep his/her laboratory notebook up to date.
  • Rigor, experimental ethics
  • Organizational skills, ability to manage several tasks in parallel
  • Ability to work independently but in interaction with other members of the group (researchers, technicians, students, trainees) and of the department

Application :
Online : from 31 March 2022 to 28 April 2022

Job profile (in French):